Last modified: October 18, 2016


Current Events 

FU/HU (Internal)Trilateral Workshop on Comparative Perspectives on Land Governance in Brazil and India




(Internal) Trilateral Workshop on comparative land governance with legal scholars and social scientists from Brazil, India and Germany, organized by the Law and Society Institute of Humboldt-University Berlin


Contact Person: Michael Riegner




Past Events


Democracy in Diversity: Indian and European perspectives

3 - 6 March 2016, Delhi

Workshop within the framework of the Indian-European Advanced Research Network (IEARN)


Under the title "Democracy in Diversity: Indian and European Perspectives" the third event of a series of Indo-European workshop-meetings was hold in Delhi in March 2016. Following two earlier workshops in Bangalore (2014) and Berlin (2015), the most recent meeting in Delhi again brought together a group of academics to share their thoughts on the democratic challenges in India and the EU.


Indians and Europeans share the challenge of handling a democracy in a highly diverse society. While Europeans at times doubt the feasibility of a democratic order in a multi-lingual and multi-religious context and in the light of growing diversity, India has practiced its democracy for almost 60 years surprisingly successful. An engagement with these two different experiences against the background of similar challenges is the subject of the workshop series.


The workshops' endeavour is not only a book project with a selection of articles each co-authored by an Indian and a European scholar, but also to encourage scholarship on comparative constitutional law in the India-EU context as well as to foster long-term cooperation between the Indian and the European partner institutions.


Thematically, the project covers not only theories on constitutionalism, democracy, diversity and equality, but likewise deals with selected issues of the law of democracy such as federalism and parliamentary democracy, political parties and social movements, election law, judicial review and the institutional order of democracy, citizenship, free speech and participation, religious freedom and social rights.


Rather than explaining India to Europeans and the EU to Indians, the endeavour of this project is to work on parallel predicaments and to reflect about the own system by looking outside.



Young Researchers’ Workshop on Comparative Constitutionalism

2 March 2016, Bangalore, HU Berlin in cooperation with Azim Premji University


South Asia's Legal Landscapes: Legislation, Litigation and Social Realities 

05 February 2016, HU Berlin, Department of South Asia Studies in collaboration with the Chair for Public and Comparative Law

17th workshop of the »Humboldt-India-Project«




"Is this Any Way to Run a Country? The Future of Democracy" 

03 December 2015, HU Berlin

panel discussion

Panellists: Prof. Dr. Herta Däubler-Gmelin, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Gesine Schwan, Michael Meyer-Resende, Amira Yahyaoui.

Moderation: Michaela Küfner und Prof. Dr. Philipp Dann



Workshop 'The Battle for International Law in the Decolonization Era'

05-07 November 2015, Forum Transregionale Studien / Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin & HU Berlin, in cooperation with Professor Jochen von Bernstorff (Tübingen)



Die Versprechungen des Rechts: Dritter Kongress der deutschsprachigen Rechtssoziologie-Vereinigungen

9-11 September 2015, HU Berlin

The third conference of the German-speaking Association of Legal Sociology was dedicated to the promises of law. It was not the aim to debunk "false" promise of law. The focus was rather on the function of the promises of law for the development, modification and effect of law.



about the conference


10. GAL Seminar in Viterbo: Law and Governance of Development

12-13 June 2014, Viterbo





3 July 2015, University of Potsdam

Das Recht als Relais – Erfahrungen aus Lateinamerika

Prof. Dr. Sérgio Costa, FU Berlin

part of the annual conference „Rechtsstaatlichkeit im globalen Kontext“ of the Arbeitskreises Überseeische Verfassungsvergleichung 2015



Public Lecture von Dr. Weitseng Chen

06 May 2015, HU Berlin

Dr. Weitseng Chen, National University of Singapore, on the subject "Searching for the Chinese Model of Law and Economic Development. The Beijing Consensus vs. The Washington Consensus". 



Internationale Konferenz zu 'Innovation and Governance of Development

08-09 April 2013,NYU School of Law